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“Every ‘inkl’ is an inventor, explorer and pioneer. We never stop thinking outside the box. ‘inkls’ are a team and our know-how is there for you. We want our designs to work for all people and all people to enjoy our designs.”

Gregor Strutz, CEO

Gregor tells the Brut-Magazin about inclusion

Beautiful design is nowadays indispensable, neither in print nor in digital projects. But what does ‘beautiful’ mean for someone who cannot see or hear? In this interview Gregor Strutz talks about his studies at HTW University of Applied Sciences Berlin and about how important inclusive design is for people who are often forgotten in the regular design process.

You can watch the video through this link:

Braille table

How can the principle of Braille be explained easily to a large batch of visitors and also invite to participate? This is exactly why we created the Braille table a few years ago. On this the visitors can type the Braille alphabet themselves with wooden balls in many predefined 6-dot-grids.
We are excited that we got to produce one of our Braille tables for the German Central Library for the Blinds DZB in Leipzig. Yesterday we handed it over. On the weekend it will be in action for the first time when the DZB is opening its doors for the annual open house.

Pictures here: