We love design solutions that really work. Inkl. Design is a full service agency. We focus on inclusive design and communication for all.

Accessible languages
Executive director Gregor Strutz in front of yellow posters which contain illustrations of people.

“Every ‘inkl’ is an inventor, explorer and pioneer. We never stop thinking outside the box. ‘inkls’ are a team and our know-how is there for you. We want our designs to work for all people and all people to enjoy our designs.”

Gregor Strutz, CEO

New projects

Stand out with Braille!

Do you also want to? Then we have something for you! Because we not only design, we now also print everything that has to do with Braille.

Whether it’s business cards, stickers, brochures, maps or whatever, we can realize it for you.

Ask us and discover our possibilities!

inkl. at the Swiss Design Conference

At the Swiss Design Conference: With the contribution “inclusion and design – feasible and (yet) impossible”, which deals with the differences of inclusive design and accessibility, we were invited to the University of Rapperswil at the World Usability Day 2017. Much praise and, above all, many interesting discussions have emerged. With some new impulses and ideas, we returned home and will continue to work to combine design and accessibility professionally.

A prime example of accessibility: Grevesmühlen Station

After three years of work, the civic railway station Grevesmühlen shines in a new splendour.

In order for everyone to feel comfortable, the issue of accessibility was an important concern for the client from the outset. But we wanted it to be not only functional but also aesthetic! The result is a prime example of accessibility, as the Chairman of the Disability Advisory Board has attested to us.

See for yourself:

Gregor speaks in the Brut magazine about design and inclusion

Beautiful design is indispensable for both analogue or digital projects. But what does “beautiful” mean for someone who can’t see or hear? In an interview, Gregor Strutz talks about his studies at the HTW Berlin and about the importance of inclusive design for people who are often forgotten in the usual design process.

You can watch the very entertaining video here in German: