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“Every ‘inkl’ is an inventor, explorer and pioneer. We never stop thinking outside the box. ‘inkls’ are a team and our know-how is there for you. We want our designs to work for all people and all people to enjoy our designs.”

Gregor Strutz, CEO

New projects
The title of the book Die Bunte Bande - das stolen Fahrrad in combination with the brand German Design Award Winner 2020

A little humbleness and a lot of cheering

The 5th volume of the children’s book series “Die Bunte Bande”, realised by “inkl. Design” together with partners, is the winner of the German Design Award 2020 in the category Universal Design. The international design premium prize is awarded annually by the German Design Council.

The jury on the children’s book: “An exemplary, barrier-free book that not only no longer excludes anyone, but also creates awareness among children of the socially relevant topic of inclusion.

Stand out with Braille!

Do you also want to? Then we have something for you! Because we not only design, we now also print everything that has to do with Braille.

Whether it’s business cards, stickers, brochures, maps or whatever, we can realize it for you.

Ask us and discover our possibilities!

Want to help build something?

We inkls see ourselves as pioneers of a design, which leaves traditional paths. Because inclusive design creates high-quality solutions and products for people with and without disabilities.

Years ago, we entered this difficult path, won recognition and prizes, but also paid apprenticeship fees. Now we want to strengthen ourselves with committed people. If you want to go this way with us, you should apply – as an employee, freelancer or intern. We are curious about you.

This photo shows the complete model of the Nikolaikirche, in the background the church room is visible.

Touching church architecture

What happens when you gather museum specialists, enthusiastic blind and visually impaired Museum visitors, students of the Master’s programme “Protection of European Cultural Assets” and some “inkl. Designers” in a workshop room? It is the starting signal for inspiring teamwork and a moment of lived inclusion. The result is definitely something to be proud of! Five new tactile models and a corresponding audio guide are now available in the Nikolaikirche Berlin and allow guests from all over the world to understand the architecture of the building over the course of time.

Gregor speaks in the Brut magazine about design and inclusion

Beautiful design is indispensable for both analogue or digital projects. But what does “beautiful” mean for someone who can’t see or hear? In an interview, Gregor Strutz talks about his studies at the HTW Berlin and about the importance of inclusive design for people who are often forgotten in the usual design process.

You can watch the very entertaining video here in German:

Gregor on stage talking to a audiences of Design Conference. He is standing behind a podium, to his right a screen of his presentation: „How Germany’s First Inclusive Children’s Book Was Created Through Cooperation Between Various Specialists.“

inkl. at INSIGHT’18 in India

At the invitation of the National Institute of Design (NID) of India, we wrote a paper for the international Design Research Symposium in Ahmedabad at the beginning of November 2018 and gave a talk at the event. The topic: “How Germany’s First Inclusive Children’s Book Was Created Through Cooperation Between Various Specialists”.

The response was extremely positive and showed how important the international exchange of specialist knowledge is for the development of innovative, inclusive design solutions.