About us

It’s time that universal accessibility and professional design were combined. People are different. They come in varying shapes and sizes. Some have large noses, some small. Some have blond hair, brown hair, green hair, some none at all. They all have particular needs, different abilities and disabilities. Our designs are tailored for each and every one of them.

This was the founding principle behind the establishment of inkl. Design. We are an agency specialising in inclusive design solutions. Whether it’s finding ways of making information universally accessible, devising and designing signage or museum layout, or instigating and supporting a variety of other design projects both large and small, we approach our work with passion and flair, while always making sure it remains grounded in what can and needs to be achieved.

People are at the heart of our work. Our designs are for everyone!

Our team

We are an enthusiastic, multidisciplinary team offering a one-stop solution for all our clients’ needs in graphic and product design, interior design and exhibition layout.

Our portfolio also includes photography, the development of accessible websites as well as PDF design, image description and texts specially adapted to the needs of the blind and the visually impaired.

As part of our service we make a special point of providing extensive advice to all our clients, to demonstrate the full range of opportunities for access across every aspect of their projects. Our acknowledged expertise in this area, and the support this allows us to offer, is constantly available for our clients. Additionally we can draw on the knowledge of an international network of fellow experts. We all benefit from this strong exchange of ideas and experience.


These are our main principles and objectives.


Inclusive Design

No more ‘special needs’ design. We aim to create integrated design which works for everyone. Different needs and requirements will be incorporated into the design as a whole while remaining apparent as an added value and as part of a Design for All.


A level
playing field

Everyone can use and access our designs on an equal footing. The advantage of a design which all users can approach independently is that it can promote new ways of experiencing and seeing for all participants.



We know what we’re good at. We also know when to collaborate. We’re only too happy to join forces with fellow experts as and when required. Our projects are developed in conjunction with a national and international network of experts.



We’re constantly on the lookout for new ways of doing things. We want to create elegant, innovative and functional designs and products which delight and surprise everyone, including ourselves.


Think outside
the box

We aim high but always remain open to suggestions, changes and advice. We don’t do things without consulting the people who use our designs. The best ideas often spring from the feedback of our target audience. Everyday users inevitably have insights and experiences which enable us to find the right solution.


Social responsibility

At inkl. Design work goes hand in hand with social responsibility. We don’t just clock off at the end of the day but are keenly involved in the voluntary charitable sector. Our non-profit association Andere Augen is committed to promoting social inclusivity for the general public and has achieved widespread recognition for its work in Germany and many other countries.

Our clients

We have a rich portfolio of design and consultancy work:

  • HTW Berlin – University of Applied Sciences Berlin
  • HAWtech at Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences
  • NID – National Institute of Design, Bangalore (Indien)