Dräger & Lienert

Corporate Design

You don’t usually blare out things like that, but here we have to do it. We from inkl. Design are a little bit in love with our customer Dräger & Lienert. We have been advising this company for many years. It is growing bigger and bigger and its inclusive software products are in great demand, even internationally.

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Dräger & Lienert equips workplaces for visually impaired and blind people. And they do that so well that those people can easily compete in the job market in terms of efficiency, despite their limited eyesight. For more than 25 years Dräger & Lienert has been developing inclusive software solutions that can be applied to the most different work environments. The DL products enable their customers to operate on eye level with their fully sighted colleagues and be competitive. More than 15 partially globally leading software solutions for administration, organizations, call center and contact management excite us. The only provider in Germany, Dräger & Lienert equips workplaces across all manufacturers with hardware like computers, braille displays and Penfriend. This way every workplace receives the most coherent solution.

We are happy to have contributed to the Dräger & Lienert success story with our corporate design. Besides designing a professional website, we also fine-tuned the company font, created a new logo for the presence in the international market and designed suitable product marks. A color concept makes the Dräger & Lienert-presence, designed by inkl. Design, well rounded.

We are particularly proud of a comprehensive set of product portfolios, we have created with magic. They present the complex DL software solutions in a comprehensible and clear way, for fully sighted as well as visually impaired people. With these portfolios Dräger & Lienert acquires new customers at trade fairs and conferences. Of course, thanks to inkl., all content is available as accessible PDF files.

Graphic concept

The new logo with a dark photo in the background.
Figure of the signets of the company's product brands.
Schematische Darstellung der Farbpalette und des DL-Logos in Kombination mit anderen Ikons.
Web view of the DL-brands on the smartphone, tablet and laptop.
Presentation of the packaging tape as an advertising medium with slogan "here is inclusion in it".

Custom type

Typographical presentation of the custom made font used for the company.
Illustration of the complete pleading of the Daytona script negative on orange underground.
Typographical details of the finished Daytona characters.

Design in detail

Photo of various stickers for a Drägerand Lienert, printed with normal typography and transparent Braille.
Photo with some of the company's developed DL VoiceClips.
Brailleletters palpated by hand on the tablecloths specially designed for Dräger and Lienert.
Display with product descriptions of the company.
Figure of stylized coloured braille points as a designelement.

Project details

Client: Dräger & Lienert Informationsmanagement GbR

Project period: since 2017

Project specifications: Consulting, positioning, continuous brand development of the main brand and subbrands, logo design for main and subbrands, development of a user friendly layout concept for visually challenged readers, development of a concept for inclusive information materials for visually impaired and blind readers, custom type, layout and graphic design, web design, production management