A Station for Citizens

A draughty passageway you try to leave as quickly as possible – that’s exactly what the northern German town of Grevesmühlen did not want. When Deutsche Bahn put the run-down brick building in the centre of the town up for sale, the town bought it without hesitation. Together with a network of inkl. Design and partners they want to make the train station a central venue for the citizens again.

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Right from the beginning we “inkls” have been involved in this project. Because the citizens of Grevesmühlen want it to be not only functional but also innovatively and finely designed. And that involves all the people using the train station. In cooperation with the disability counselor of the district, we are responsible for accessibility inside the station, as well as a pioneering sign­posting system.

And that’s the “Citizens’ Station” in Greves­mühlen today: the ground floor offers an inviting café, travellers find all the infrastructure they need. The centerpiece: a glass waiting room under a historic porch, where travellers and locals meet. The upper floor accommodates more community facilities.

The station is a prime example of inclusion in every detail. All charmingly designed pictograms in the building are tactile. The markings on the glass surfaces in the winter garden, making life safer for visually challenged people, are customdesigned for Grevesmühlen station.

An elegant and harmonious solution away from the usual dot and string monotony was found: besides signs in braille a system of guidance strips and full accessibility to the platform, a tactile model of the entire station facility completes the accessibility for differently abled people. The model in front of the main building is, of course, designed for wheelchair users as well and thus truly leading the way for the whole project.

After a walkthrough with the Disability Advisory Board the praise was unanimous: The citizens’ station of Grevesmühlen is a prime example of accessibility for the whole region.

That’s really good, because the guests from one out of two hotels on the baltic sea coast, that are suitable for blind people usually travel through Grevesmühlen.

Graphic Concept

Drawing of the citizen station with the from incl. redesigned station sign

Wayfinding System

Inclusive Elements

Tactile model


Project details

Client: GOS Gesellschaft für Ortsentwicklung und Stadterneuerung mbH

Project period: 2016 – 2018

Project partners: Büro Baldauf

Project specifications: Analysis of orientation needs, consulting for planning services of the tactile floor indicators in the outdoor area, conception of wayfinding system, conception of barrier-free elements (2-sense principle), conception and creation of 3d-data of tactile models and scanning plans in exterior and interior, icon family, city map of Grevesmühlen, maps of the railway station, layout and graphic design, production management