Museum Kalkriese

Romans and Teutons

Who was Varus? And what was that old Roman’s business here? How could a certain Arminius beat him and his legions so devastatingly? And how do we even know, where those dramas took place centuries ago? Archeology and history are not dry or old news at all. The Varusschlacht-Museum (Battle of the Teutoburg Forest Museum) in Kalkriese shows how to impart German history to students in a vivid way. With help from us.

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From their most thrilling excavation findings inkl. Design and the „Museum und Park Kalkriese“ drafted learning materials for students. It is free to download and finally designed in a fresh way that will make even the most demanding teenagers take a look.

Two figures will take the students on a wild ride. The booklet is geared to its target audience with being playful and sporting an appealing collage technique.

The content consist of four modules – ‚The Romans‘, ‚The Germans‘, ‚Archeology‘ and ‚Research and Information about the excavation site of Kalkriese‘. We wanted to get away from dry school book design, that makes it obvious that adults were trying to be cool here. Inkl. has always been a bit of a rebellious teenager at heart. And we think that’s perceptible here.

Oskar and Sophie

Graphic concept




Project details

Client: VARUSSCHLACHT im Osnabrücker Land gGmbH – Museum und Park Kalkriese

Project period: 2017-2018

Project specifications: Character­design, Graphic­design, graphic concept, Illustration