Federal Agency for Accessibility

We design the consultants

They are the competent partners for all ministries and federal authorities. We are the ace up their sleeves. For the Bundesfachstelle Barrierefreiheit, inkl. Design created an appealing corporate design. It includes a specially developed barrier-free corporate typeface in order to effectively convey the relevant topic of barrier-free accessibility to where it belongs: in the middle of society.

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The Federal Office for Accessibility has the task of bundling expertise on the subject of accessibility at a higher level nationwide. Located under the umbrella of the Deutsche Rentenversicherung, Knappschaft Bahn See, the specialist office advises on the topics of accessibility and inclusion, organises conferences and produces information material on the education and implementation of accessibility in all federal institutions. After all, all its institutions are committed to accessibility.

With the help of inkl., the Federal Agency is initially setting a good example with a new brochure. We have paid particular attention to the development of a barrier-free corporate typeface.

In addition, for the first time contents are also presented in Easy-to-Read Language. An image concept, which inkl. Design developed, is now finally in line with the demands of the tasks. With QR codes, the brochures refer to extended barrier-free content, which can be experienced by all user groups on the website. There are, for example, videos in sign language.

In order to keep the federal office under the roof of the Knappschaft Bahn See on everyone’s lips at ministries and authorities, we have developed the Knappschaft logo into a catchy, barrier-free brand that people remember. The relaunch of the entire website, for which inkl. is responsible, will raise the effectiveness and external impact of the federal authority to a sustainable level, both visually and in terms of content.

Visual language

13 small-format portrait photos of handicapped people for a brochure

Revised corporate font

Photo illustrating requirements for barrier-free writing and pictograms
Example of a barrier-free typeface
Detailed view of a Kohinoor KBS font style
Presentation of the various Kohinoor KBS typefaces


barrier-free colored illustration in connection with icon for easy-to-read language
barrierefreie farbige Illustration in Verbindung mit Icon für Leichte Sprache


Design in detail

opened fold flyer of the Federal Agency for Accessibility with three portrait photos of handicapped people
Photo of the title and inside page of a brochure of the Bundesfachstelle Barrierefreiheit for the presentation of its offers in easy-to-read language.
Detailed photo of the brochure with presentation of texts in easy-to-read language in connection with relevant illustrations.

Redesigned logo

Representation of the signet of the Knappschaft Bahn See in connection with simplified representation of a blind person with a white cane and a guide dog for the blind.


Client: Knappschaft Bahn See

Project period: since 2018

Project Specifications: Consulting, positioning, brand development of the main brand and subbrands, logo design for main and subbrands, development of a user friendly layout concept for people with and without disabilities, barrier-free custom typeface, illustrations Easy-to-Read Language, layout and graphic design, production management