Lebenshilfe Berlin

That’s what we’re here for!

Founded in 1960 in Berlin as a parents’ initiative, Lebenshilfe Berlin (“Life Aid Berlin”) has developed into an important and popular association that enables thousands of children and adults with learning difficulties to live a self-determined life. This should be widely celebrated. Therefore, Lebenshilfe Berlin asked us to create a self-confident identity that shows the pride and self-conception with which the people at Lebenshilfe live and work together.

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This campaign was a lot of fun for us “inkl. Designers”. We learned a lot, laughed and experimented. Last but not least, the campaign is also a first and very fine joint work, which we designed with our office neighbours from DiG/plus Berlin. So everything was well arranged – but then came Corona. The big public ceremony was cancelled – but we were still able to show our posters in the city. And we will certainly implement the other elements at a later date.

The core of the campaign is made up of large-format motifs, which were shown over several weeks at S-Bahn and U-Bahn stations in Berlin. They depict cheerful people and their contact persons as well as other employees of Lebenshilfe.

The motives reflect the different support offers, life experiences and above all the motivations of people with and without disabilities – together with the claim “That’s what we are here for!

The photo shoot was a real highlight of the campaign development. All participants exceeded themselves and expressed their honest opinions about Lebenshilfe Berlin. From this we cut additional videos, which can be seen on the website developed especially for the campaign with further offerings of the Berliner Lebenshilfe. The campaign was supplemented with social media activities.

And of course we also hope very much that the big anniversary celebration can be made up for next year.

Large poster of the motif "Lebenshilfe rocks" with four people who organize a party for people with and without disabilities every year.
Large poster of the motif "Bridge builder" with an employee of the intercultural advice centre of Lebenshilfe Berlin
Large poster of the motif "tackling dreams", which shows a handicapped young man in an outfit from the 1920s, who wants to study fashion design.
Photo of the large-scale motif "Hammer Team" in a subway station, showing a young caregiver and a supervised person, both in fitter's clothing.
Photo of an enormously happy, severely disabled young woman in a wheelchair and her carer during the photo shooting
Large poster of the motif "Show what you can do" with the severely disabled young woman and her carer and the stamped anniversary logo of Lebenshilfe Berlin
Photo showing the photographer shooting the subject with the severely disabled young woman and her carer
Photo of the poster motif "Show what you can do" at Gesundbrunnen S-Bahn station

“Working with people gives you a lot in return. It’s not cold, it’s warm. And there’s a lot of joy in it. Joy and heart.”

Photo showing two people full of joy, a woman and a man, who have continuously developed into managers at Lebenshilfe Berlin
Photo from the shooting with the former Curative Education Worker and current senior staff member, holding the anniversary logo in his folded arms
Photo of the poster motif "something solid" in the Stadtmitte underground station
Photo from the shooting with two friends who are working at Lebenshilfe. One of them is a former migrant from Togo.
Large poster of the motif „By conviction fellow human beings“ which shows two caretakers from Lebenshilfe Berlin, including one who comes from Togo.

“You are important and they are important and they realize that it’s real. And just as I am authentic to them, they are authentic to me. And that’s what makes it so special.”

Photo of the large-format motif "Ehrenfrauen" in the subway station Fehrbelliner Platz
Picture of the large-surface motif "Ehrenfrauen" showing two women with the anniversary logo who are working at Lebenshilfe
Photo from the shooting "Ehrenfrauen", which shows both relaxed and happy in the studio
Photo from the shooting with the photographer and the two fooling around women for the motif "Women of Honour".


Client: Lebenshilfe Berlin

Project period: 2020

Project partners: DiG/Plus GmbH Berlin, Agency for communication

Project Specifications: Consulting, campaign concept and planning, media planning, casting of disabled people and employees of Lebenshilfe Berlin, photo shooting, graphic design of poster motifs (large surfaces and A1) and merchandising products, various texts, shooting and editing of videos, development of a barrier-free website, social media activities, production support